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    What is a Mesonet?

    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s NWS mesonet has fixed and mobile weather observing stations approximately every 5km spatially and every 15 minutes temporally.  Read More…


    Weather Ready Nation - StormReady

    Weather-Ready Nation:  Is Your Community Storm Ready?

    The National Weather Service is working towards building a Weather-Ready Nation. The voluntary StormReady program assists in community preparedness for extreme weather situations. Read More…

    Lightning Detection


    How does Lightning Detection Work?

    Have you ever been curious about how lighthing detection devices work?  Lightning detectors pick up on EMPs emitted by the lightning strikes.  They can be measured to count the number of strikes and locate the direction.  Read More…


    severe thunderstorm


    What Makes a Thunderstorm “Severe”?

    Not all thunderstorms are considered severe.  Then, what constitutes a severe thunderstorm?  Well, one of three criteria must be met.  What are they and does it really matter if a storm is called severe?  Read More…  

    Winter Weather

    Winter Weather Preparedness & Safety Tips

    As winter fast approaches once again, we thought it would be a good time to cover some winter weather safety and preparedness tips.  Read More…


    hurricane hunters

    Hurricane Hunters Fly Directly Into the Storm

    The Air Force Reserve’s 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron, AKA the “Hurricane Hunters”, fly directly into the eye of the storm…on purpose!  Tasked with gathering vital weather data, they have flown through some of the biggest storms in history.  Read More…


    What is Weather STEM?

    Weather STEM was launched in 2014 to initiate a more interactive way to teach kids STEM material in grades K-12.  They utilize live weather data in an exciting manner to keep the attention of students.  Read More…

    how to become a trained weather spotter

    How to Become a Trained Weather Spotter 

    Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a trained weather spotter?  We have a full step by step guide, including links to scheduling certified training classes.  Come check out how you can help provide valuable assistance.  Read More…



    Wind Chill and Heat Index

    Wind chill and heat index are Apparent Temperatures, or perceived temperatures.  This is how the temperature “feels”.  They are actually calculations that include not only temperature, but also wind and humidity.  Read More…


    Weather Observation Blog

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