what to wear in 30 degree weather

What To Wear In 30 Degree Weather

It can be so beautiful outside during the winter time with the snow painting the landscape white, but 30 degrees is cold!  You need to dress appropriately for the weather to keep your body warm, safe, and healthy.  Unsure of what to wear in 30 degree weather?  Keep reading as we uncover some useful tips and advice on how to stay warm outside without being too hot inside.

The key to comfortable, yet fashionable clothing in these temperatures is layering.  While it’s definitely cold outside, you never know what the temperatures are going to be inside places you go.  Some will be hot with the heater cranked up too much trying to keep those coming in warm.  Others will be too cold still, perhaps where doors open often.  And of course, some will be just the right temperature.  By dressing in layers, you’re always ready no matter what you encounter.

Tips For Outerwear

If you’re going to be in 30 degree weather and outside for an extended period of time, wearing the right gear is imperative for your safety.  Hypothermia sets in when your body loses heat faster than it can produce it.   When your body temperature drops, things like your heart and nervous system don’t work normally.  Layering proper clothing will ensure you have adequate insulation and are able to keep warm.  In this case, consider wearing thermal long underwear as a base layer. 

This base layer is the foundation for setting the tone and keeping your skin dry.  To do this, it must fit snug to the skin.  You’ll also want an insulating layer covering this long underwear and don’t forget to cover all your skin.  This means hats, gloves, and waterproof and/or insulated boots.

What To Wear In 30 Degree Weather Running, Skiing, Biking, Etc

Don’t let the freezing temperatures hold you back from enjoying the cold weather activities you enjoy, just make sure you dress correctly for it.  If you’re going to be active, make sure your layers allow you the flexibility and range of motion that you need.  Also, strongly consider only merino wool or wool blend base layers and thermal socks.  They will have moisture wicking properties that will pull the sweat off your skin, keeping it warm and insulated from the cold air.  Also, if running in the snow, consider waterproof running shoes to keep your feet dry.

What Type Of Coat Should I Wear in 30 Degree Weather?

Coats are obviously an essential item at these temperatures.  Many people think thickness is what’s important.  Although it can be helpful in some cases, the material dictates the warmth and insulating properties.  But, finding a coat to wear in 30 degree weather is fairly easy.  It’s the sub-zero temps that make this a more difficult task  The North Face has some great winter coat options for men and women alike.  Longer coats that partially cover the legs, similar to a parka, are also fashionable for women these days.

Advice On What To Wear Inside

It can be difficult to decide what to wear at these temperatures.  Unless you’re at home, you never know what temperature places will be inside.  Just like outside and as mentioned above, the key to overcoming this issue is layering.  You don’t have to sacrifice style and comfort to stay warm.  Layering is kind of like having a built-in wardrobe change.   

What To Wear In A Professional Setting

Often times you can still wear the same clothing you normally do to work.  I find that many women will opt for thermal underwear as a base layer on colder days.  Adding a jacket will ensure you have an extra layer if needed later.  Admittedly, it can sometimes be hard to look good and stay warm, but there are more and more brands helping provide warmer, yet fashionable clothes everyday.

what to wear to work in 30 degree weather

What To Wear Around The House

Dressing for the weather around the house is easy!  First off, more than likely, you have control over the thermostat.  Even if you don’t, just go back to your layers.  Use a snug fitting base layer and adding an accommodating middle layer will usually complete the need.  If you’re still cold, there’s no reason you can’t add layers just like outside.

What NOT To Wear In 30 Degree Weather

Some of these tips might be obvious, others may not be.  Here’s our advice on what not to wear in the winter. 

  • Shorts, skirts, skorts or anything that leaves your legs bare.  Besides being cold, you’ll look silly like the guy pictured below!
  • Short sleeves without another layer that will cover your arms
  • Sandals…come on, you wouldn’t really do this, would you?
  • Cotton:  This is a summer fabric and doesn’t keep you warm during the winter.  Consider wool blends instead.
What Not To Wear in 30 Degree Weather

Time To Bundle Up

To summarize the above, layering your clothing is the key to staying warm in all situations in 30 degree weather.  Adding layers and removing layers at the first hint of being cold or hot will ensure your body keeps its core stabilized.  You can always go back if you find you’re not comfortable.  Be prepared and stay focused on what’s next.  Looking for more?  Check out these great resources…