AcuRite Weather Station Reviews

    AcuRite Weather Station Reviews

    The AcuRite brand has established itself as the #1 top selling weather product line in North America.  AcuRite weather stations are known for ease of use and affordability.  AcuRite has kept up with technology and offers stations that include the latest connectivity.  They also offer some of the most price-competitive units available, even the best AcuRite weather station typically sells for under $200.  Our AcuRite weather station reviews can be found below with star ratings for comparison purposes.  Click to each individual review to find out more details on how they were rated.

    Best AcuRite Weather Station

    We have reviewed several of our favorite AcuRite home weather stations in order to pick our top choice. With the current selection and what we’ve seen, we feel that the AcuRite 01057RM is the Best AcuRite Weather Station and offers the most value for your money spent.  That doesn’t mean that these other models listed aren’t also good home weather stations.  It also doesn’t mean that there might not be a better AcuRite weather station that fits your specific needs.  We encourage you to read our individual AcuRite weather station reviews and ultimately decide for yourself which will work best for you.  Here are our picks so you can compare AcuRite weather stations.
    Best AcuRite Weather Station - 01057RM

    #1 – AcuRite 01057RM

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    AcuRite 5 in 1 weather station reviews

    #2 – AcuRite 01022M

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    AcuRite 5 in 1 weather station reviews

    #3 – AcuRite 01036

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    AcuRite 02032 Weather Station

    #4 – AcuRite 02032

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    AcuRite 01024M pro color weather station

    #5 – AcuRite 01024M

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    AcuRite 01512 pro color weather station

    #6 – AcuRite 01512

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    As mentioned above, our opinion for the best AcuRite weather station is the 01057RM remote monitoring weather station.  A big reason why we selected this model was a combination of the SmartHub device and the overall value the user gets based on the affordability of this unit.  All of the models selected above to be reviewed have a reason for being on this list.  Here are a few other opinions we have about this line-up.

    01022M – Best AcuRite weather station option with lightning detection

    02032/01036 – Best AcuRite option for connecting (wired) to a PC or the AcuRite weather station app

    01024M – Best AcuRite weather station option with a high-definition display

    01512 – Best AcuRite weather station option if looking for basic/affordable option

    If you have further questions about why we hold these opinions, please read the individual AcuRite weather station reviews posted for each model.  Here are some general Pros and Cons statements that pertain to many, but maybe not all, AcuRite stations.

    PROS  Easy to install, nice displays, affordable, brand reliability, Weather Ticker

    CONS – Battery-powered weather sensor, not as accurate as other brands

    AcuRite Weather Station 5 in 1

    AcuRite has focused on their weather instrument, or weather sensor, in recent models.  They offer both the AcuRite 5-in-1 and the AcuRite Pro 5-in-1 sensor arrays.  Both options offer 5 sensors to measure the following:  temperature, humidty, wind speed, wind direction, and rainfall.  Here is a quick video from AcuRite comparing and contrasting the two 5-in-1 models offered so you know the difference.  The sensor used in each model is specifically noted in our individual AcuRite weather station reviews.

    AcuRite Weather Station Display Consoles

    AcuRite does a great job of focusing on the needs of their weather station users.  Whether you’re just wanting the local weather from your backyard or you want some help ensuring your garden gets adequate water, AcuRite is there for you.  Each AcuRite weather station with color display is intitive, easy to read, and aethstetically pleasing.  Most of them are capable of both wall mounting or a table top placement.  In addition, they are easy to setup for a novice user and aren’t complex to navigate.
    Weather Ticker

    Most AcuRite weather stations include their “weather ticker”.  The weather ticker presents pertinent, real-time weather data in an easy to see fashion accross the screen so it can be seen without pushing buttons or searching around for it.  It scrolls or flashes at the bottom of the screen, similar to a stock market ticker on the financial television channels.  Some of the things noted on the AcuRite weather ticker include the 12hr and 24hr forecast, the feels like temperature, record highs and lows for tempearature and wind speed, current rainfall, and other weather alarms.  It’s a cool feature and as far as we can tell, it’s only found on AcuRite weather stations.

    AcuRite Weather Ticker

    AcuRite Weather Station App

    The AcuRite app for smartphones and tablets is called My AcuRite.  Of course it’s complimentary to users with an AcuRite weather station and is well-received.  It has an intuitive interface that is capable of providing alerts for all the important stuff you care about, including things like high and low temperatures and rainfall.  In addition to the alerts, the My AcuRite App can also provide visually appealing graphs and charts of your weather data.  If you choose to, you can also have the weather data downloaded into spreadsheets. This would allow you to view historical data and see trends or record the lows and highs measured.  The My AcuRite App can be used on smartphones (IOS and Android), tablets, or a PC as seen below.  Last, but certainly not least, the AcuRite app gives the ability to share access to your weather data with friends and neighbors.  In addition, you can also choose to upload your data to 3rd party personal weather station communities like Weather Underground.
    AcuRite Weather Station App

    AcuRite Accessory & Feature Reviews

    AcuRite SmartHUB 

    Connect your AcuRite weather station or sensors to the internet for remote monitoring.  The Smart HUB allows you to see up to ten AcuRite sensors anywhere you can get an internet connection, including on your smartphone via the My AcuRite smartphone weather station app.  Read Review

    AcuRite Remote Battery Pack 06052M

    AcuRite 06052M Remote Battery Pack 

    If you’re planning to locate your AcuRite 5-in-1 Weather Station out of reach like most do, this accessory is a must have. It allows you to locate the batteries that power the weather sensor in a location you can reach so you don’t have to get to the actual weather instrument each time the batteries need to be replaced. What a great idea!  Read Review

    AcuRite Wireless Signal Extender 06053M

    AcuRite 06053M Wireless Signal Extender 

    Extend the range of your AcuRite weather station wireless signal with the 06053M repeater.  Whether you have a long distance to overcome or need to find a way to get the signal around an obstruction like a building or some trees, the AcuRite 06053M is your ticket.  It’s weather resistant and compatible with many AcuRite sensors.  This is a highly recommended product when you just can’t seem to keep your signal.  Read Review

    AcuRite PC Connect

    AcuRite PC Connect Feature 

    AcuRite PC Connect is a feature that allows for easy weather data transfer from the display to your PC (or Mac).  This feature is limited to certain AcuRite models, including the 01036 and 02032 weather stations shown at the top of this page.  By connecting your AcuRite weather station to your PC, you’ll be able to connect to the My AcuRite App and even Weather Underground if you so choose.   Read Review

    AcuRite Weather Station Installation and Mounting

    Please bookmark this page.  Once you have selectd the best fit from our AcuRite weather station reviews, purchased the unit, and received it, these installation and mounting guidelines will help you get it set up.  Siting these weather station plays an important role in achieving its full accuracy potential.

    AcuRite Weather Station Installation Instructions:

    1. Locate battery compartment, remove cover, and select “A” on the A-B-C switch
    2. Insert batteries (4x AA) and replace cover
    3. Fasten mounting base and insert it into the hole in the sensor, lining up the arrows centering the bubble level
    4. Fasten sensor into mounting base
    5. Remove stabilizer for rain gauge and you’re ready to go!

    AcuRite Weather Station Mounting:

    Choosing the AcuRite sensor placement, or siting as it’s called, is important to the accuracy of your weather station.

    • Do not place the sensor near any heat or humidity source such as an air conditioner or chimney
    • Do not place the sensor below any overhangs that will obstruct rainfall from reaching the collector
    • Do not place the sensor in the path of a sprinkler that would affect the rainfall measurement
    • Mount the sensor at least 60″ off the ground for most accurate wind measurements (mounting poles not included)
    • Mount the sensor level
    • Mount the solar panel facing south to ensure best sun consumption