Ambient Weather Station Reviews

Ambient Weather Station Reviews

Ambient Weather is a relative “new kid on the block” in this industry.  They’ve been serving customers since 1998, keeping a balance between a great product and great pricing.  As you’ll see in our Ambient Weather Station Reviews, this brand has become a real innovator in the space.  It appears to us that they’ve been focused on two things.  First, making sure they have all the connectivity options their customers want.  The best Ambient weather stations come ready to connect to the internet and online communities like Weather Underground.  They also offer connectivity to many smart home devices as you’ll see below.  Next, they provide great value in their products to ensure customers are happy.  Ambient often provides more standard weather instruments than competitive units and includes them at a similar price-point.

Best Ambient Weather Station

After reviewing a handful of Ambient products, it’s clear that they make frequent upgrades and updates to their product line to ensure they are always on the cutting edge of connectivity and integration with other smart devices.  After careful deliberation, we’ve chosen the WS-2902 Osprey 10-in-1 for our opinion of the Best Ambient Weather Station.  However, you should consider reading all of our Ambient weather station reviews as they have their own pros and cons and individual reasons why one might be better than the next for your needs.  Time to compare Ambient weather stations:

Ambient Weather WS-2000
5 star review

#1 – Ambient Weather WS-2000

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Best Ambient Weather Station - WS-2902 Osprey Review
5 star review

#2 – Ambient Weather WS-2902

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Ambient Weather WS-1002-WIFI

#3 – Ambient WS-1002-WIFI

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Ambient Weather WS-1201-IP

#4 – Ambient WS-1201-IP

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Ambient Weather WS-1401-IP

#5 – Ambient WS-1401-IP

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As mentioned above, we selected the WS-2000 as the Best Ambient Weather Station.  Our selection was based heavily around the value the consumer receives when purchasing the 10-in-1 professional weather station. It should be apparent in our Ambient weather station reviews that they have some great offerings.  

Here are a few notable hardware items that most of their models include.  First, if you compare Ambient weather stations, most include UV and solar radiation sensors as standard equipment now.  Other brands charge extra for this option, if it’s available at all.  Second, most models include mounting brackets to accommodate any 1-2″ pole (purchased separately).  A bubble level is also often included for easy installation.  In addition, the latest Ambient weather stations include a super capacitor that is used for energy storage from the solar panel.  In the past, they’ve used rechargeable batteries that needed replaced often, but this new technology allows for longer life.  With good batteries, Ambient estimates 2-3 year life.

If you have further questions about what come with specific models, please read the individual Ambient weather station reviews posted for that model.  Here are some general Pros and Cons that are true for most, but perhaps not all, Ambient weather stations.

PROS  UV & solar radiation sensors included, many connectivity options (online communities & smart home devices), great value for your dollar, solar-powered weather sensors with battery backup

CONS – Most displays run only on AC power (WS-2902 has battery backup), average accuracy specs, not for use in a salt water environment

Ambient Weather Station Reviews & Connectivity

For those wondering about the connectivity and smart home integration options mentioned above, here is some information on the capabilities.  Note, Ambient Weather is constantly updating to incorporate additional compatible devices, so this list could be outdated quickly.  Always check the latest Amazon product page for each station by clicking our “Check Price” links.

With, you can remotely view real-time weather conditions, historical data, and send alerts to your phone, tablet, or PC.  Also, historical graphs and trends can be viewed and analyzed or email and text alerts can be sent.  The means your weather data is easily accessible anywhere and anytime through your favorite browser as long as you have an internet connection.

Weather Underground

Each of the models in our Ambient Weather Station Reviews are compatible with Weather Underground.  Wunderground is the most comprehensive weather server for stroring, analyzing, and viewing your weather station data.  It’s a community full of passionate weather watchers just like you.


Do you have a smart home?  You can do more and connect to IFTTT with your Ambient Weather station to control other devices around the house.  IFTTT stands for “if this, then that”, meaning you can program something to take place if another event occurs.  An example might be to turn on some heat if the temperature gets too low in your home.

Amazon Alexa

By connecting to Amazon Alexa devices, weather station owners can get real-time weather info generated by the station they have set at  Likewise, this allows the user to ask Alexa devices to give them a weather report by saying, “Alexa, ask Ambient Weather for a weather report.”

Google Assistant

Similarly to Amazon’s Alexa, by linking your account, Google Assistant can help setup your devices in such a way that you’re able to request Google for a weather report, ask about indoor conditions, or even inquire about the weather on a specific date in history.

Ambient Weather Mounting Solutions

Ambient weather stations do NOT come with mounting poles, however they do include U-Bolt kits for mounting to poles.  According to their user manuals, the Osprey sensor (WS-2902 and WS-2000) can accomodate 1″-2″ poles, whereas the Ambient ObserverIP series (WS-1002, WS-1201, and WS-1401 models) are made to work with a 1-3/8″ diameter pole (again, not included).  The good new is that Ambient Weather probabaly has the most extensive offering and selection of weather station mounting kits.  As you’ll see below, mounts include options for the ground, a roof, walls, fences, chimneys, and more.

Osprey Manual: WS-2902 | WS-2000

ObserverIP Manuals:  WS-1002WS-1201 WS-1401

Ambient Weather Mounting Solutions & Installation Brackets

Ambient Weather Mounting Solution Notes:
  • These mounts aren’t exclusively for Ambient home weather stations. Davis Instruments weather stations should also fit these options
  • There are additional Ambient weather station mounts available on Amazon. Double check description says it fits Ambient.
Ambient Weather Station Siting Tips:

Siting your Ambient weather station is critical to sensor accuracy.  Siting is the process of determining the location of a weather station.  We’ll share some tips to help ensure best practices.

  • First, test all connections BEFORE mounting your weather station in a permanent location
  • Ensure the sensor suite is mounted level
  • Keep the sensors away from external heat/humidity/moving air sources like HVAC components
  • Sensors should be at least 5 feet off the ground and away from any building or structure
  • Keep clear of overhangs, other obstructions, and sprinklers
  • Keep in mind that you’ll need to be able to get to the rain collector from time to time for cleaning

Ambient Weather Accessories

Ambient Weather Reviews - Weather Camera

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Outdoor WIFI Weather Camera

This Ambient weather camera integrates seamlessly with your Ambient weather station and can be remotely viewed on the internet via FREE Wunderground hosting.  The weather camera has motion detection, night-vision, 1280 x 720 resolution, and connects to your home network via wifi.  This outdoor camera is waterproof and weatherproof.  There is a cool feature that allwos you to archive daily images in a calendar for viewing later, or the still images can even be made into a time lapse video!