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On October 26, 2017
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The easy, intuitive way to get your AcuRite weather station data on the internet or Weather Underground. Besides weather station data, AcuRite provides a whole suite of compatible sensors that can be used for remote monitoring.

AcuRite Smart Hub Review
5-star review

AcuRite Smart Hub Review and Remote Monitoring

With smartphones and tablets everywhere, we expect to have data at our fingertips at all times.  That’s not different with the weather.  When you purchase a personal weather station, one thing to keep an eye out for is internet connectivity.  There are many networks and apps that allow you to post your weather data either publicly or privately so it can be accessed via your phone, tablet or PC.

AcuRite, one of the leading brands in home weather stations, has a nice solution for getting your data to the internet called the Smart Hub.  The Smart Hub connects a compatible AcuRite weather station to the internet through your home router using the included Ethernet cable.  It also has the capability to connect individual AcuRite environmental sensors to the web if you don’t have a complete weather station. Either way, the setup is relatively easy.

AcuRite Smart Hub

Remote monitoring

This type of remote monitoring can be invaluable.  Picture this, you’re out of town and your sump pump fails.  Water starts gushing throughout your basement.  When would you find out it happened?  Probably not until it was too late, right?  With the Smart Hub and AcuRite’s water leak detector, you could have gotten an alert on your phone, warning you that it was happening so you could contact a neighbor or relative for help.

We could go through a similar hypothetical with a weather station on the Smart Hub remote monitoring. Do you have a vacation home you’d like to keep an eye on for things like frozen pipes?  How about a farm that’s in a remote location?  Wouldn’t it be nice to know if you’re getting enough rain?  You get the point.

My AcuRite Smartphone Weather Station App

My AcuRite is the smartphone weather station app from AcuRite.  My AcuRite is complimentary and allows for email and phone alerts for the things that matter to you.  You can set alerts for low temperatures, water leaks, rainfall, soil temperature, etc.  It allows you to track up to 10 different sensors on each Smart Hub.
The front end of the My AcuRite app is clean and intuitive.  It provides charts & graphs of historical data for spotting trends.  Of course you can also download your weather data in a convenient spreadsheet for later usage tracking record highs and lows.
My AcuRite smartphone weather staton app
My AcuRite remote monitoring app

Not only can you track the data you’re interested in, but if you choose to, you can share the data with others.  You can be the neighborhood weather expert or compare with other weather enthusiasts nearby with the Weather Underground.  All this data is sent remotely via the AcuRite Smart Hub setup in your home.

With the right sensors, the AcuRite SmartHub can help report outdoor temperature & humidity, wind, rain, and water leaks as well as soil & liquid temperatures.  In addition, some of AcuRite’s 5-in-1 weather stations include the SmartHub remote monitoring.  One such model is the 01057RM Color Weather Station.  A review of this weather station model can be found here.

Final Notes

The AcuRite Smart Hub is a great accessory for your weather station or just to keep an eye on something remotely with some a la carte sensors.  Click here to check the current price at Amazon.  It’s very affordable when compared to similar options from different manufacturers.  Included with the hub itself is an Ethernet cable, power adapter, quick start guide, and AcuRite Smart Hub Manual.  Note, the AcuRite Smart Hub is not compatible with the Samsung Smart Hub.

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