Best Home Weather Station

    The best home weather station must be one that is easy to use, convenient, and reliable.  Although watching the news for the daily weather is great.  The only problem is that the news likely gets their data from a weather station at the nearest major airpot.  Of course, that could be 50 or even 100 miles from your house.  No wonder we always feel like they never get the weather right!  With a houehold weather station, you’ll always be assured that your data is local.

    We get asked over and over: What is the best home weather station?  As a result, we’ve put this list together for our readers.  The criteria for the list was ease of installation, connectivity, display console, reliability, and affordability.


    Davis Vantage Vue 6250
    5 star review
    The Vantage Vue is not only easy to install, but it’s backed by the Davis Instruments name.  This means its capabilities, accuracy, and update frequency lead the pack…  Read More

    AcuRite Color Weather Station
    4 star rating
    AcuRite’s Color Weather Station definately makes the “best home weather station” list.  It’s inexpensive, easy to use, easy to install, and the data can be viewed from your phone…  Read More

    Best Home Weather Station
    4 star review

    This AcuRite weather station has been around awhile, but is still one of the most popular models they offer.  It’s uber-affordable and comes ready to connect to the web out of the box…  Read More

    Comparing Home Weather Stations

    These days there are many different weather stations for home use to chose from.  Some of the best home weather stations are super accurate or can connect to to Weather Underground, but it’s not all about the technical specs with this group.   Our “best home weather stations list” above takes into consideration things like ease of use and convenience. 

    While professional weather observers value things like data update frequency, home weather stations are typically used by amateur weather watchers.  Of course, professionals might need accuracy to perform their job.  However, a standard novice looking for the day’s weather in their backyard is looking for conveninece and something that doesn’t require a meteorology degree to operate.

    What Makes a Home Weather Station Easy to Install?

    For the consideration of this list, we required the weather instruments being in an all-in-one configuration.  Some of the higher-end weather stations split the outdoor sensors up so you can separate the anemometer and thermometers up for top accuracy.  That, of course, requires additonal work to install the unit, and accuracy wasn’t part of the criteria.   With the all-in-one configuration, there are many ways to mount the unit without much hassle. In addition to being an all-encompassing outdoor sensor, a wireless connection from the weather instrument to the display helps ensure an easier installation.  This means there won’t be any wires to run.  These wire runs could sometimes be hundreds of feet in length and require holes through the walls of your house.  For that reason, we only considered wireless units for our list of the best home weather station.  Similarly, since we’re talking about a weather station for home use, we made the assumption that 300ft of wireless transmission was adequate.  Whereas, the best wireless weather stations can transmit up to 1000ft!

    Connectivity Options

    The best home weather stations are very “connected” these days.  Some will even integrate with your smart home.  You’ll have to decide what’s important to you, but here’s a quick list of things weather stations can connect to these days.  Note, all of our individual weather station reviews provide information on particular connectivity options of each.

        1. PC – Connecting to a PC helps you log data and follow trends
        2. Internet – Connecting to the world wide web allows for many options.  There are both private and public networks to join where weather data can be posted.  Most of the major weather station brands offer their own private network.  The most popular public network is the Weather Underground.
        3. Smartphone Apps – Many of the big brands, including those on this list, offer apps for both Android and iPhone.
        4.  Smart Weather Stations – This is a generic term for units that connect to things like Amazon’s Alexa and IFTTT (can connect to web services such as Gmail, Facebook, and Instagram).

    Weather Display

    Displays come in many shapes and sizes.  For the purposes of determining what’s important in the best home weather station, please keep in mind three things:  Aesthetics, ease of use, and functionality.

    Of the brands we’ve reviewed here at, AcuRite seems to be the most innovative when it comes to weather displays.  Many of their displays are bright, colorful, and high definition.

    For ease of use, do you want to mount the diplay on a wall or set it on a desk?  Many home weather station displays can do both!

    Functionality is important.  What can you do with the data?  Can you send trends?  Can you make graphs?  Can you set alarms?  Davis Instruments typically leads the way when it comes to functional weather displays.


    Although reliability is an important factor in determining the best home weather station, it is also somewhat subjective.  Rather than just give you our opinion which home weather stations are the most reliable, we’ve done extensive research and shared our findings with you on our review pages.  The weather stations on this list are all reliable sources of local weather data.


    Last, but not least, affordability is the final criteria of the best home weather station.  Of course, price isn’t everything.  It’s also true that you get what you pay for.  However, considering value in any purchase that might cost you a few hundred dollars is prudent.

    Each of the home weather stations on the list above supply the consumer tremendous value for their money.  At the top of the list, the Vantage Vue rugged and extremely capable.  In spite of this, it’s very reasonably priced and can be afforded by most for home use when durability is important to you.  Similarly, the 01057RM color weather station is priced very low for the options it includes, specifically built-in wireless internet connectivity and PRO+ weather sensor.  Finally, the AcuRite 01036 model is basic and affordable, but comes with PC Connect.  This means it comes ready to connect to both your PC and the web rigtht out of the box.  Unfortauntely, unlike the 01057RM wireless model, it is a wired connection.  Remember when looking at the AcuRite models to consider where you’ll be mounting the weather sensor.  Since it’s battery-operated versus the solar power of the Davis Vue, you’ll be changing batteries.  AcuRite’s Remote Battery Pack should help and is a great add-on feature.


    As is the case with most things, you’ll have to decide what’s important to you specifically.  Hopefully we’ve supplied enough food for thought so you can make an informed decision.  You can’t go wrong with any of the stations on this list.  They are all adequate for most hobbyists, but each has its strengths as mentioned above.

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