Lookup Weather History or Find The Temperature On This Day Last Year

We put this page together for those who are interested in searching historical weather data by zip code or city. One common search we see is someone looking for the temperature on this day last year, hence the title. But that’s not all this query can do. It can search past weather history and records from the Weather Underground databases. It pulls up old weather reports in your area for a specific date.  This is similar information you would have if you had your won home weather station, only it can be searched in the past and is only as local as your city, county, or zip code, not your own backyard.


Historical Daily and Hourly Weather Data:


City, State or ZIP Code, or Airport Code

This query will send you to wunderground.com.


What Kind of Data Do You Get When Searching These Previous Weather Conditions?

This search query allows you to choose your local area (city, state, zip code, or nearby airport) and pull old weather reports and archived weather data from that day in history. The first thing you’re presented with are three graphs. They show the hourly temperature, precipitation, and wind statistics respectively.



Here are examples of the types of weather graphs that you’ll see…


Rain History

Prevailing Wind Direction and Speed


Weather Summary

In addition to the graphs, this lookup provides an hourly weather summary for the date and location selected.  It reports the actual, historical average, and record data points for the following weather readings: temperature, precipitation, dew point, wind speed, and pressure.  For such a quick and easy search, this past weather report populates a ton of useful information!



Daily Observations

Last but not least, this comprehensive report provides the user with the daily observations at that location in an hourly format.  Yes, for each hour of each day, there’s a report that shows the temperature, dew point, humidity, wind direction, wind speed, gusts, barometric pressure, and precipitation.  Further, there are often also reports of visual conditions, i.e. “light rain” or “cloudy”.


This means nearly anyone can search their local area for most dates in the past and not only get the high and low of the day, but even what the temperature was and if it was raining, cloudy, or sunny during a given hour of that day.  Isn’t that cool?


So… What Was The Temperature This Day Last Year?  

Well, you can look it up if you want to now with the query above.  You don’t have to pick this day last year though.  You can check to see what the temperature was and if it was rainy on the day you were born.  Perhaps you can quiz your mom, dad, or spouse on what they remember from your 16th birthday or your wedding day!  The fun is endless with this cool tool from the Weather Underground.