How to protect your car from hail

How To Protect Your Car From Hail

Well, let’s first assume you don’t have a garage.  How do you protect your car from hail damage?  Large hailstones hitting a car can cause thousands of dollars-worth of damage and, in some cases, destroy your “baby”.  No one wants to get caught up in this, so here are some tips to protect your car from hail.


The easiest answer here is to buy a carport.  Believe it or not, you can even buy a carport on Amazon.  Is there anything you can’t buy there?  This obviously gives you roof over your car to protect it during a hailstorm.  Surely, you didn’t come here looking for that answer, so let’s move on.

DIY Hail Car Cover

There are all kinds of suggestions around the internet for putting moving blankets or padded floor squares on your car during a hailstorm.  Sure, I guess if you have no alternative, this is better than nothing.  However, oftentimes these types of storms come with heavy wind and these squares will just fall right off.  In addition, you would have to stack blankets pretty thick cover protect against some bigger hail.  This is not likely a long-term solution to needing hail protection on your car.

DIY Hail Car Cover

Hail Blankets

I searched and searched and couldn’t find a lot of information on hail blankets in general.  There does appear to be a company called Hail Blankets LLC.  It looks like it’s just a car cover.  Unfortunately, I cannot comment one way or the other on them.  I did find some Hail Blankets reviews on their Facebook page.  It seems as the older reviews stated they were paying, but not getting their product.  On the other hand, the more recent reviewers appear to be very happy with their product.  Please research further before making any decisions based on my comments or these Hail Blankets reviews.  I have no personal experience with them. 

Car Tents

There is a product called “car tents”.  They are kind of like an umbrella for your car.  They keep the rain and sun off the vehicle and some of them like this one say that they protect against hail.  It appears to me that it’d protect the top, but maybe not the sides of the car if it’s really windy.

Hail Protector Car Cover

The Hail Protector is like a bubble for your car.  Not only do they make claims that it can withstand hail and 60mph winds, they back it up with videos of testing all over the web.  There are also videos like the one below showing this product during an actually hailstorm!  You can’t deny the usefulness of this product if you’re looking for a hail-protecting car cover.  In fact, I was so intrigued by this product that I decided to provide a full review of this product.

I hope this guide will help you protect your car in the next hailstorm. 

Image Below Shows Hail Protector in both states:  Deflated & Inflated

Hail Protector


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