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Gift Ideas for the Weather Geek in Your Life!

Not sure what to get a weather enthusiast you know?  With the holiday season upon us, we’re here to help.  These are some great gift ideas anyone into the weather would surely enjoy. 

#1 Weather Gift - Storm Glass

Storm glasses are a popular weather gift this year!  A storm glass is a clear device that has some liquid inside. The liquid clouds up and forms into different shapes depending on the weather forecast outside.  For this reason, they are often called a “weather predicting storm glass”.  Does a storm glass really work?  It’s a debatable subject for sure.  Either way, they’re a great conversation piece and an inexpensive gift for a friend or anyone that enjoys keeping an eye on the daily weather.

#2 Weather Gift - Home Weather Station

A home weather station is ultimate weather gift for any enthusiast!  They aren’t cheap, but they sure are fun.  You can set it up and connect to your home’s wi-fi connection.  From there, you can get weather data from your very own backyard at any time, and in most cases, from anywhere in the world on your mobile phone by connecting to an app.  Home weather station instruments commonly measure temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind (speed and direction), and rainfall.  How cool is that? 

#3 Weather Gift - Wireless Forecast Station

Not looking to shell out over $100 for a complete weather station?  Consider its less expensive little brother, a wireless forecast station.  Rather than providing wind and rain measurements, you can only see temperature and humidity.  Additionally, you can only see the readings on the display itself, but still a cool gift!

#4 Weather Gift - Farmer's Almanac

The Old Farmer’s Almanac is obviously less technical than the other gift ideas on this list so far.  Perhaps that just what you’re looking for.  My grandmother never let a year go by without getting a Farmer’s Almanac to see what the weather for the coming season was going to be like. 

#5 Weather Gift - Galileo Thermometer

Science meets art in a Galileo Thermometer.  This weather gift is a great way to present the temperature to guests at your home.  In this tube-like device, different colored bulbs with temperatures in 4-degree increments float up and down.  The lowest floating bulb represents the closest temperature for the room it’s in. 

#6 Weather Gift - Weather Alert Radio

Weather alert radios are similar to a standard AM/FM radio, but they also have the NOAA weather band channels in addition to regular AM/FM stations.  Many of them can also provide alerts in the event of alert signals being provided in your local area.  Weather radios are also emergency preparedness devices.  Many of them include hand cranks for power, cell phone chargers, and more! 

#7 Weather Gift - Handheld Weather Meter

Similar to a full-blown home weather station, these portable devices are great for camping, fishing, and other outdoor activities that could be affected by the weather.  They are handheld devices that typically provide accurate readings for temperature, humidity, and wind speed right where you are. 

#8 Weather Gift -Weather Geek T-Shirt

If you’re a weather geek, you might as well be proud about it.  This is the perfect weather gift for a storm chaser or anyone in a weather profession.  Great for wearing out or just around house.  

#9 Weather Gift - Personal Lightning Detector

A personal lightning detector is another handheld device that makes a good weather gift.  It determines when lightning comes into your area and you need to take cover.  This is an essential tool for any camper, fisherman, outdoorsman, or coach.  It’s never safe to stay outside when lighting is striking nearby, but it’s sometimes difficult to tell.  Not any more with your own personal lighting detector.

#10 Weather Gift - Weather Observation Notebook

No weather observer should be with a diary to keep records of their daily observations.  A weather diary (also called a notebook or weather logbook) is the perfect way to record what you see so you can watch for trends.  The more you observe the weather, the better you’ll become at perhaps making future predictions and better understanding the weather in your area. 

#11 Weather Gift - Weather Station for Students

We don’t want to forget about the kids!  This weather station kit teaches children (8 & up) how to observe and record weather.  It includes a functional wind vane, thermometer, rain gauge, and anemometer!  What a great way to get kids interested in the weather.

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