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Based out of Florida, Weather STEM was founded by Edward Mansouri as a passion to find ways of innovating education through technology.  Previously, Edward started another online learning management system called Ucompass Educator that has nearly three million users.  WeatherSTEM was originally built in introduce live weather data to K-12 STEM curriculum.  For those unfamiliar, STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. 

Here’s a clip of Ed on the Weather Channel’s show “Weather Geeks” discussing Weather STEM. 


Today, Weather STEM provides a live alert notification system with safety alerts using data from their various weather stations posted around the country, many of which are in Florida.  Of course, most of the weather stations are located at schools, thus further bringing interest to the students. 

As you can see in the image above, Weather STEM makes their installations fun for the students by providing customized weather stations at each school, or location.  They partner with Davis Instruments and appear to use the Davis Vantage Pro2 exclusively for their installations. 

(See our review on the Davis Vantage Pro2)

The Weather STEM stations typically provide the following weather data updated every minute:

Solar and UV Radiation

Rain Rate and Rainfall

Temperature and Humidity

Wind Speed and Direction

Wet Bulb Globe Temperature

And, options for additional agricultural sensors and environmental cameras 

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It’s easy to follow specific weather stations or to set up alert notifications through the WeatherSTEM smartphone app for iOS and Android.  In addition to the app, most Weather STEM units display their data on a custom page online, showcasing current weather conditions and forecasts.  It also provides live viewing from any weather cameras that might be present with that weather station.

Example Page:  Florida State University Weather STEM Network

When drilling down into the “learn” section of the weather station page, you’ll find over one hundred lessons from “Weather and Football” to “Lightning” to “Measuring Precipitation”.  The lessons can be filtered out by grade level and subject matter. I’d encourage anyone interested, especially those with kids K-12, to head over to Weather STEM and look at their offering!

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