weather stations near me

Weather Stations Near Me

If you’re still a weather enthusiast “newbie”, maybe you don’t know, but there are weather stations all over the United States.  Really, they’re common most places globally too.  This is one of the major reasons I became so excited myself when I joined the weather community.  I found that some of my own neighbors have the closest weather station nearest me.  They are uploading their weather data directly to the web, and I can actually see it know that I know how to find weather station locations.  Ok, so are you asking yourself, “How do I find the weather stations near me?”

How Do I Find Weather Stations Near Me?

There are many sites on the internet that provide the location of weather stations.  Of course, since it’s voluntary to private citizens, some sites have more to offer than others. 

The most popular location for weather enthusiasts to upload their personal data is the Weather Underground.  Here you can find data from over 30,000 weather station locations.  Odds are pretty good that there will be a few nearby.  I can see several weather stations near me.  In fact, there are several within 20 miles of my house.  Just go to this page and enter your zip code or city and state.  This will show you all the nearby weather stations and their current readings.  You can even select an individual weather station and see its weather data for the day, of even get historical records in many cases.

Other good sites where I find weather stations near me include PWSweather and WeatherLink.  These are both networks of personal weather stations.  In fact, WeatherLink is Davis Instrument’s network that can be easily uploaded to by their popular wireless weather stations.  A quick search allows me to find the nearest weather station to me without much effort.  Just click one of the links above and you can find the closest weather station too. 

Government Weather Station Locations

In addition to personal weather stations, I’ve also found information on ASOS/AWOS weather stations near me on the FAA’s website.  ASOS weather stations (Automated Surface Observing System) are part of a joint venture between the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), National Weather Service (NWS), and the Department of Defense (DOD) to cover the region with weather stations for aviation operations.  You can learn more about the ASOS program here. 

Other Sites

There are other sites on the web that provide similar information on locations of weather stations.  In my experience, some of them are much better than others.  I’ve noticed that some of them are hard to navigate and find the weather stations near you, yet others have few data points.

If you plan on buying a home weather station, or already have one, you might start by joining and following a network ran by the manufacturer of your weather station.  We talk about these personal weather station networks and more in this article if you’re interested in more information.  After you get up and running, you can search the network to find other local weather stations near you.  Who knows, maybe one of your neighbors is a weather enthusiast too, and you just didn’t know it!

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