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Personal Weather Station Network Guide

How thrilled would you be to find out one of your neighbors has a weather station posting data directly to a personal weather station network?  You could likely see this weather data can compare or contrast it to your own.  If you read my article on Weather Stations Near Me, I hope you were able to find other local enthusiasts and get as excited as I did.

What is a Personal Weather Station Network?

A personal weather station network is a place where amateur weather watchers can upload their weather data for remote viewing.  Typically, these networks are viewable by the public, but not always.  Some of them can be set to private so only you, or those you provide a password to, can view the data from your weather station. 

Reasons for Uploading to a Personal Weather Station Network

There are many reasons why you might want to upload your data to a PWS network on the web.  I think the most obvious reason would be to view your own weather data remotely, from wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection.  Other reasons might include to graph historical data or climate changes, or to share your passion with friends and family.  Showing off as the neighborhood weather expert might be another reason if that’s your thing.  We have an entire article of reasons for joining a personal weather station network and uploading your weather data.

The Most Popular Personal Weather Station Network

The most popular network is definitely the Weather Underground.  Weather Underground publically shares data from tens of thousands of personal weather stations worldwide.  If you’re joining to view weather data, you’re likely to get the most hyperlocal information from this site, just due to the sheer number of stations uploading.  

On the other hand, if you’re uploading data, it’s also the largest, and most notable network and most stations com with options to upload to this site.  Here’s the sign-up page for registering your weather station to Weather Underground.

Manufacturer Networks

Most of the major manufacturers of home weather stations have their own network for you to join and upload your data to.  A few examples include (AcuRite), (Davis Instruments), and AmbientWeather.Net (Ambient Weather).  Many of the manufacturer’s networks allow for connections directly from them to the Weather Underground also.  Yes, many hobbyists actually post their weather data to multiple networks!


Hopefully, we’ve given you enough information to be dangerous as they say.  There are many personal weather station networks to share your data on.  In the end, it’s all about being an active part of the community.