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6 Reasons to Upload Your Weather Station Data to the Internet

Weather watchers from all over the world post their weather station data on the web each day.  Actually, it happens all day every day, usually automatically.  Data from personal weather stations can be used to fill in gaps of larger networks of weather data such as airports and new stations.  But why do enthusiasts with home weather stations want to upload and share their data?  Here are six reasons.

#1 – Remote Monitoring

The first reason hobbyists would want to upload their weather station data to the internet is for their won remote monitoring.  For instance, if you’re at work, on vacation, or just inside the house, but not near the display console.  You’ll be able to view live weather data and make one of the many decisions we base on the weather like what to wear today or what activity you’ll be doing this weekend.

#2 – Share with Loved Ones

Another reason would be to share with your friends, family, or your neighborhood.  Sharing with friends and family might be fun for you or your kids to discuss with others.  It could be a conversation starter or perhaps used for something more like planning for winter or storm.

#3 – Graphing Historical Trends

Having your own home weather station is great!  But seeing what the weather was yesterday, or what it will be tomorrow, isn’t everything.  Most enthusiasts want to use their station for more.  By uploading your weather station data to a network, most provide tools for graphical trending of historical data.   This allows you to see patterns and changes to weather over time.

#4 – Share your Passion

Many who observe the daily weather with a station at their home are passionate about their hobby.  Just like any other hobby, they want to do everything they can with it since it’s what they enjoy doing.  Sharing your data with the world helps provide a sense of purpose and enjoyment.

#5 – Join a Community

Similar to sharing your passion, by uploading your readings to the web, you can join a personal weather station network where like-minded individuals all have the same hobby as you.  It helps you get into an arena full of others just like you.  Many of these networks have forums to join and blogs to read where you can learn more about your interests.

#6 – Compare Weather Station Data / Check for Accuracy

Another reason for uploading your weather station data to the internet might be to compare with other hyperlocal stations to help you check for accuracy in your weather sensors. 


There are obviously other reasons someone might upload measurements to the web.  I hope we’ve encouraged you to share your wireless weather station data with the world.  It’s fun, rewarding, and can help others in your hyperlocal area with planning out their day or weekend!  Who knows, you might just makes some new friends in the process.

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