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On December 15, 2017
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Davis weather stations come from the factory with a relatively long wireless transmission distance compared to most other home weather stations.  But, what do you do when you run into a snag and can't quite get the signal back due to the distance or some obstructions?  Check out this wireless repeater.  You'll be amazed at what it can do! 

Davis 7627 Solar Powered Repeater
5-star review

Davis 7627 Solar-Powered Weather Station Repeater Review

One of the best selling features of a Davis weather station is its amazingly longer wireless transmission distance right out of the box at up to 1000 feet!   There is no big secret why Davis always hovers around the top of our Best Wireless Weather Station list.  However, it does happen where you have to go just a litte further or work around some major obstructions like hills, trees, or buidlings to get a good, consistent signal.  Enter the Davis 7627 wireless repeater.  This product allows you to greatly improve wireless reception in troublesome areas. In the instances described above, the Davis repeater can extend the wireless signal by up to 1000 feet, depending on the environment.  It is more typical to get a 200-400 foot range in most conditions and through walls of buildings.  Of course, like many devices from Davis Instruments, the repeater is solar-powered for its primary source of power.  It also has a backup battery.  The battery life depends on how much it’s used.  Davis states in their spec sheet that under normal solar input, they expect the battery to last in excess of two years. 

One Davis 7627 Repeater, Multiple Stations

The Davis 7627 can be a very powerful tool.  Not only does it work with both the Vantage Vue and Vantage Pro2 models, but it can also extend the signals of other Davis weather sensors as well, including their temperature/humidity station (Part no. 6382) or a leaf and soil moisture station (Part no. 6345).  In fact, it can transmit the data from multiple devices to a console at one time as shown here.  In each case, the device’s signal is extended towards the single console.    
Davis 7627 repeater network multiple stations

Multiple Davis 7627 Repeaters on a Single Station

In additon to repeating signals from multiple stations, this product can also be daisy-chained together to double, triple, or even quadruple its range!  By passing the signal through each station, the wireless signal is boosted again and again as seen in the image below.  By adding these repeaters, the example station below could potentially transmit weather data up to 4000 feet.  Of course, this is assuming everything is outdoors and you have clear line of site.  In practice, it probably won’t reach quite that far, but you get the point.  I can’t think of any other way to get this kind of distance out of any other home weather station. 
Davis 7627 repeater daisy chain

Davis 7627 Repeater User Reviews & Final Notes

To summarize, the Davis 7627 repeater is not commonly needed due to the excellent wireless capabilities of their weather stations directly out of the box.  However, when you need additional range, this is what you’ll need.  Does it work?  In a word…YES!  In each case we’ve studied, actual users have been very happy with the results.  Throughout our review of the 7627 repeater, all feedback has been positive.  Click here to check the current price and availability of the Davis 7627 solar-powered repeater on Amazon.
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