Top 10 Best Rain Barrels 2020

There are many reasons people decide to collect their rainwater, not the least of which is to SAVE MONEY on their monthly water bill.  The best rain barrels can actually help the environment by conserving water and reducing soil erosion and ground water contamination.

For a small, one-time expense you can build a sustainable, green, organic water source with no ongoing expenses.  Rainwater is FREE!  You just have to collect it as it runs off your roof and through your gutters.   

Deciding to harvest the rainwater is the easy part.  What’s sometimes difficult is knowing what’s needed, how much it should cost, and which rain barrel to buy.  The good news is we can help you with all that.  We’ve spent many hours of research gathering the best rain barrels available and compiling this list with the highlights each one has to offer. 

Best Rain Barrel
RTS Home Accents 50 gallon Rain Barrel

RTS Home Accents 50 Gallon Rain Collection Barrel

✔ Authentic Oak Barrel Appearance
✔ Flat Back Sits Flush Against Wall
Brass Spigot Shut Off Valve
✔ Aluminum Debris Screen
✔ Linkable to Other Barrels
✔ Made of Polyethylene


FCMP RC4000-BRN Rain Barrel, 50 gallon

FCMP Outdoor RC4000-BRN 50-Gal Rain Barrel

✔ Large Top Opening for Easy Installation
✔ Flat Back Sits Flush Against Wall
Can Be Connected to Other RC4000’s for more Capacity
✔ Aluminum Debris Screen
✔ 40″ Hose w/ Shut-off Valve
✔ Mimics Traditional Wooden Barrel


Algreen Cascata Terra Cotta Rain Barrel, 65 gallon

Algreen Cascata 65-Gal Terra Cotta Rain Barrel

✔ Authentic Pottery-Like Texture
✔ Roto-Molded Plastic Won’t Chip, Crack, or Fade
Brass Spigot
✔ Corrosion-Proof Screen
✔ Doubles as Crown Planter
✔ (2) Built-In Overflows


Suncast 50 Gallon Rain Barrel with Hose

Suncast 50-Gallon Rain Barrel with Hose

✔ Made w/ Durable Resin
✔ Hoses & Debris Filter Included
Easy Assembly
✔ Can Daisy-Chain Multiple Units
✔ 29″ x 29″ x 26″ Dimensions


MiRainBarrel DIY Kit - Used 58 gallon Food Grade Barrel

MiRainBarrel DIY Kit – Used Food Grade Barrel

✔ Food Grade Quality
✔ Reused Plastic 58-Gallon Barrel
✔ Brass Spigot & Overflow Valve
✔ Easy On/Off Twist Lid w/ Mesh Screen
✔ Downspout Adapter Included
✔ Sealed w/ 100% Waterproof Silicone Caulk


RTS Home Accents ECO Rain Collection Barrel

RTS Home Accents ECO Rain Collection Barrel

✔ Dual Overflow
✔ Made From 100% Recycled Plastic
✔ Durable Plastic Spigot
✔ Custom-Molded Stand Sold Separately 
✔ Affordable Price 
✔ Plastic Screen Keeps Bugs and Debris Out


Good Ideas IMP-R50-SAN Rain Saver Barrel

Good Ideas IMP-R50-SAN 50-GAL Rain Saver Barrel

✔ Tall, Flower Pot-Style Rain Barrel
✔ Modern High Gloss Finish 
✔ Dual Brass Spigots
✔ Mesh Screen Stops Debris From Entering
✔ 4″ Planter Top
✔ Practical & Elegant


Kyoto Koolscape RBSS-75 Rain Barrel

KYOTO Koolscape RBSS-75, 75-Gallon Rain Barrel

✔ Will Withstand Extreme Temps
✔ Extra-Large 75-Gal Capacity
✔ Brass Spigot
✔ Overflow Spout
✔ Drain Plug For Cleaning Bottom of Barrel
✔ High-End Appearance


Good Ideas RW40-OAK Rain Wizard

Good Ideas RW40-OAK, 40-Gal Rain Wizzard

✔ Flat Back Design
✔ Smaller Size (40 gallons)
✔ Brass Spigot
✔ No Cracking or Splitting
✔ Link Multiple Units Together


Good Ideas IMP-N50-BLK Nantucket Rain Saver

Good Ideas IMP-N50-BLK Nantucket Rain Saver

✔ 50-Gallon Capacity
✔ High-Class Wicker Finish
✔ 4″ Planter Top
✔ Mesh Screen Stops Debris From Entering
✔ 4″ Planter Top
✔ Brass Spigot


Rain Barrel Buying Guide

Rain barrels are not a new concept.  In fact, people have been collecting rain for thousands of years.  The concept is simple, find a way to gather and guide the rain as it falls from your roof or gutters into a barrel for storage.  Then you can use the FREE water to water your garden or flowers and such.  As you can see above, most of the time, you just guide a downspout into the rain barrel…and wallah!  You have free water being stored on your property for the next time it’s needed.

There are tons of advantages to rainwater harvesting.  The main one everyone thinks about is reducing your utility bills.  That’s a good one, but there are several more reasons to consider it.  They include a reduction in local ground water contamination, decreased soil erosion on your property, and chemical-free water for your garden.  That’s right, there are no salts, fluoride, or chlorine in this water like there is coming out of our tap. 

Are you considering collecting your rainwater, but aren’t sure where to start?  The list above, and the guide you’re reading were put together to help you with that.  Finding the right rain barrel that meets your needs and fits your decor is actually one of the hardest parts.  The rest is deceivingly simple. 

For those curious, here’s part of how we picked our top 10 rain barrel list above…

Our Proprietary Ranking System Takes The Following Factors Into Consideration

Power vs. Size

Customer Satsifaction

Auxiliary Tools

Price Point

Feedback/ Reviews


Features Included

Things to Consider When Buying a Rain Barrel

There are a few basic things to keep in mind when your’re looking to harvest water with a rain barrel.  Size is a top consideration.  Most typical rain barrels give you between 30-80 gallons of water storage unless you’re looking for large rain harvesting tank, which is really beyond the scope of this article. 

Other considerations have more to do with form, fit, and function.  This refers to things like decor and design, physical shape and size of the barrel, and how the rainwater enters and exits the barrel when it’s needed.  After that, it comes down to your available budget and product reviews and feedback.

Rain Barrel Size

You can see just from looking at our list of the 10 best rain barrels above that they come in many different shapes and sizes.  The most common size we see is about 50 gallons which works perfect for most.  We just wanted to make sure and mention that there are smaller and larger capacities if you feel like you need a bit more water.  Or if space is more important to you around the side of your home, there are smaller options that will give you more room.

Barrel Decor

This has nothing to do with the function of the rain barrel, but nonetheless, it’s often a purchase consideration.   Rain barrels come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and most want them to match the decor of their home.  Which looks better at your house…old school oak whiskey barrel look or modern high-gloss flower pot?  We did our best to select a wide variety of options in our list above so you could see what’s available to purchase without having to search through tons of online pages to find what you need.

rainwater collection barrel

Materials the Rain Barrel and Accessories Are Made Of

Collection tanks for rainwater can be made out of lots of materials, but the best rain barrels are typically made of plastic or some sort of non-porous stone material.  In the past, you used to see many old oak barrels, but they can’t rot and degrade over time, so they arne’t used as often today.  For those conscience of the environment, some are even made of 100% recycle plastics, accessories included!

Besides the barrel materials, consider components like the screens and spigots.  Screens are often made of aluminum, a metal that is rust-resistant.  Similarly, the best spigots (the valve that opens to allow water out of the barrel) are made of brass, which does not rust with constant exposure to water.

Top Rain Barrel

Budget and Reviews/Feedback

There are two things we always consider when making our lists, and that’s what kind of budget you’ll need and which products received the online reviews or feedback left by actual customers of the product.

First, let’s discuss prices.  You could theoretically buy just a 55 gallon barrel and use it as a DIY rain barrel.  You’ll need to somehow fabricate a screen so that it doesn’t fill up with gunk and attract millions of mosquitoes in your backyard.  In addition, you’ll need a way to remove the water, usually this is a spigot.  More than likely it’ll be a more cost-effective option to just buy a pre-made rain barrel, not to mention it’ll look better and maybe even function better.  Popular mechanics has talked about the safety concerns, something you should read, especially if you’re considering a DIY option.

Product reviews like the ones above on this page, are an essential part of buying products online in the 21st century.  You get to see what experiences that others have had before you buy and make the same mistake others before you have.  Always make sure to take a moment to read a few reviews on the product landing page before buying.


Hopefully you feel like the rain barrel expert after you’ve read through this guide.  Don’t be overwhelmed, it’s really much simpler than it seems.  It’s as easy as picking a barrel (we recommend the RTS Home Accents 50 Gallon Rain Barrel) and then fitting your downspout so water flows into it next time it rains.  That’s it!  See, it’s not that bad, right?

Note, many of the options above in our list have multiple sizes and colors available.  If you click on the “check price” button, you’ll be able to find each of the options available so you can find the one that best fits your needs.