Best Weather Station of 2018

After many hours of research, we’ve chosen the best weather station for 2018.  There are a number of well-deserving weather stations available, which is a great thing for us, the consumers!  Nonetheless, it can still be overwhelming when trying to chose the right model.  Here are our top rated home weather station recommendations for professionals and individual hobbyists.   

Best Weather Station 2018 (Hobbyists)

Ambient Weather WS-2902 Osprey

For the individual focused on ease of operation, the Ambient WS-2902 Osprey includes features like built-in wifi, an easy cloud-based weather app, and tons of weather data all for a realtively low cost, making it the perfect home weather station.  At about half the cost of other models, the WS-2902 Osprey offers tons of value for a hobbyist.  

best weather station - Ambient WS-2902

Best Weather Station 2018 (Professionals)

Davis Vantage Vue 6250

The Vantage Vue 6250 checks many boxes with its 1000ft long wireless transmission distance, high sensor accuracy, and an update frequency that’s unmatched by other weather stations in its class.  It’s rare to find a professional weather station that comes in a nice all-in-one package.  For these reasons and more, this is the best weather station for folks that care about accuracy and durability over price.

Different Types of Weather Stations

There are many different types of weather stations.  Some of the most common are home weather stations (also called personal weather stations), wireless weather stations, digital weather stations, and WIFI weather stations.  Besides these types, there are other use-cases where specific models are favored over others because of a certain feature or 3rd party software that is available for that specific weather station application. 

How to Choose a Top Rated Weather Station

The best way to get started is to take a look at the different categories below.  You just need to find the one with the review criteria that seems to fit your needs best and look to see which we recommend to buy.  We offered our top 3 picks for each category so there are choices in a price range for everyone.  If you’re still lost or looking for more detail around how to select the best weather station after this, check out our comprehensive buying guide.  It covers almost every aspect of weather stations and exactly what to look for when you’re ready to make a buying decision.

The shortcut links below will take you to each section/category on this page.  There, you’ll see the different types of weather stations listed followed by a brief explanation that describes the category.  We’ve developed entire pages for most categories.  You can go to them by clicking on the “Read More…” link at the end of the description.  

Having your own weather station at your home is the ultimate convenience.  No longer will you have days of not knowing what to wear.  How many times have you asked yourself if you should wear short sleeves or long?  Should you wear a jacket?  With a home weather station, you’ll feel confident with knowing the weather… and I don’t mean at an airport 120 miles away where the news gets their weather readings.  Our experts have chosen the best home weather station model, decided on features like ease of installation, connectivity, display console, and reliability.  Read More about the best home weather stations…

Wireless weather stations provide tremendous convenience during installation and troubleshooting.  As a matter of fact, almost all home weather stations today are wireless.  This makes for an easier installation process and no wires to have to worry about during a storm.  The selection process for the “best wireless weather station” included wireless transmission distance as well as connectivity options.  Read More…

Digital weather stations make it easy to decipher the weather data they provide.  This means you won’t need a meteorology degree to read them!  There are some great options with good digital information that are easy to read and use.  Each of the best weather stations on our digital list also happen to be wireless and acceptable for home use.  Read more…

A WIFI weather station means no network wires inside or out.  These units can typically be placed anywhere within your home (in wifi range) that’s convenient, rather than being forced to put them near your home network router.  There’s nothing worse than having to hardwire your weather station in your home office rather than near the kitchen, or wherever you’d like to see the display sit for convenience.  Read more…


Storm chasers expect the most weather data possible and are challenged with needing a mobile weather station.  Really, the same goes for marine applications.  For that reason, something that is rugged, weather resistant, compact, and solar or battery powered, and wireless is a must have.  Davis’ Vantage Vue 6250 fits the bill nicely as our top pick and best weather station for mobile applications.  This is an application where data upload is of utmost importance and where a display console isn’t always required.  Of course, please be careful.  Do not operate your weather station while your vehicle is in motion.  Also, do not try to install the station during a storm!


A garden weather station should definately track rainfall and temperature.  Beyond that, if you’re really particular about your garden, check out the Vantage Pro2.  There are soil moisture and temperature sensors made specifically for it.  The Vantage Vue is compatible with some of the accessories as well, and AcuRite makes a nice, inexpensive unit in the 01512 Color Weather Station if you just want the basics.


Schools might desire having a weather station for multiple reasons.  A couple would include for educational purposes and saftey.  Having a school weather station teaches students the basics of meteorology and gives them a better understanding of the weather.  If the budget allows, the best weather station for schools is the Vantage Pro2.  It is expandable, wireless, and has great accuracy.  It’s also the only weather station on our list that allows for separating the anemometer from the other instruments for greater wind speed accuracy.


It was easy to select the best weather station for farmers.  Davis has put in a ton of effort for the agricultural industry, specifically using the Vantage Pro2.  They have an entire suite of products just for farming applications.  The others are good options of your budget does not allow for Davis’ Pro2 model.  Davis’ 1000ft wireless transmission distance, or an option for remote viewing via an app or the internet are almost certainly a must have in the best weather station for farmers.  If you don’t need the 1000ft distance, you can save some money and add some standard features with AcuRite’s Atlas station.