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What is a digital weather station?  A digital weather station is a device receives weather data from some source and displays it digitally to the user.  Typically, this weather data includes one or more of the following: temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed & direction, humidity, and rainfall.  For the purposes of this article, we’re going to assume the sensors are part of an outdoor weather instrument assembly.  In order to consider a product the Best Digital Weather Station, we’ll also make the assumption that it should have most, or all of the above measurements to qualify.

So, what else goes into determining the best digital weather station?  First and foremost, our main focus will be on the digital console, or weather display as it’s often called.  After all, that is really what makes a weather station “digital”.  In addition, we want to make sure we chose models that are affordable, easy to use, and have a good reputation from previous and current owners.

Without further ado, here are our list and digital weather station reviews…

AcuRite 01012M

AcuRite’s 01012M Remote Monitoring Weather Station has a fantastic digital display and is easy to use.  It’s also very popular among its user base, which helps it make the list of top digital station model…Read More

Ambient 1002-WIFI
Ambient did a great job of including a full color TFT LCD digital weather display in a package that’s intuative and packed with features.  It also contains extra instruments…  Read More

acurite pro color weather station
The Pro Weather Center from AcuRite includes an amazing vivid, high-definition, color display.  Unfortunately, the average-rated review in other categories held it back…  Read More

Comparing The Best Digital Weather Stations

Fortunately for consumers, we had so many great options to choose from for this list.  We really relied on research and feedback from previous and existing users in these reviews.  So many of those users had comments about how visible the weather displays were, how easy they were to use, and the bells and whistles they included.  Some examples are things like dew point, heat index, and wind chill readings.  We hope our digital weather station reviews will be helpful in your selection process.

Digital Weather Displays

The 01012M Remote Monitoring Weather Station from Acu-Rite includes an illuminated LCD screen that is vibrant enough to see from a good distance.  It has a pretty cool feature they call the Weather Ticker.  It streams weather data and other alerts in real time across the bottom of the screen, similar to the stock ticker across the bottom of the screen on CNN or the Fox Business Network during the opening bell.

The weather display included with the WS-1201-IP is a full-color TFT LCD digital display.  In addition to aesthetics, the WS-1201-IP displays incredible historical graphs, archived data, and provides audible alarms.  By the way, I should mention that this screen is comes standard with some other Ambient weather stations as well.
The Pro Weather Center (01024M) touts a vivid, high-definition color display that will blow you away.  You can see in the images above that this screen is very high-end for a home weather station.  You have to hand it to Acu-Rite for being a leader in this category.


Of course affordability will come into play when deciding what the best digital weather station is.  Everyone wants to ensure they’re getting a good value on their purchases.  We’ve done the leg-work on this one to help offer you a value proposition on each one of the weather station models on our list.  In fact, all three of them have some “extras” we’d like to tell you about.  These are things that are not offered on all models.

Acu-Rite 01012M Weather Station

This station includes a remote monitoring module, another reason it was chosen as the best digital weather station.  This is basically a device that allows you to upload your weather data to the internet.  The most popular location for weather enthusiasts to post their weather station data is to the Weather Underground.  There are plenty of other private networks or smartphone apps for uploading and viewing your data as well.

Ambient WS-1002-WIFI Weather Station

This station also includes a module for connecting weather data to the internet that comes standard.  So, of course you can do similar things we mentioned above.  The WS-1002-WIFI also adds to the standard weather station instruments list.  By that, I mean in addition to the sensors we opened this article with, Ambient also includes solar radiation and UV detection with their Observer models.  In general, these are not found on other models as you’ve probably noticed in our digital weather station reviews.  In some instances, you can pay extra to get them added as optional items.

Acu-Rite 01024M Color Weather Center

In addition to standard features and an amazing screen, the 01024M also provides its user with lightning detection.  Of course, the lightning detector is compact and weather resistant.  It counts strikes and estimates their distance away from your location.  Surprisingly, it can provide audible alarms when sensing lightning up to 25 miles away!

Ease of Use

When researching for this list and our digital weather station reviews, we looked at both intuitive use of the weather display and mounting of the weather instruments.  Mounting and installation is relatively easy on each of these units due to the use of all-in-one sensor modules by both manufacturers. An all-in-one sensor means exactly what is sounds like, all of the instruments are in a single assembly so there aren’t multiple devices that need to be mounted.


Thank you for reading our Best Digital Weather Station page.  Ultimately, you make the decision of course.  We’re just here to help with the research and reviews.  Any station on the list above has been vetted by numerous buyers.  We hope these digital weather station reviews help you make a more informed decision.  If you have any additional questions, feel free to drop us a note.

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